Women have 3 places, the cleaner they are, the more luck they attract, and men like it.

Each woman has her personality and beauty in her soul, personality, no one is the same. But there seems to be a common denominator in women who make men appreciate and desire to be married. That's when she got the "cleanliness" in these three places.

Women know how to spend "clean" money.

A wise woman not only knows how to make money but also knows how to spend it properly. Women are the treasure chest of money in marriage when they know how to spend money, how hard-earned money, sweat and tears, they will know how to spend.

Men are most afraid of the scene of taking back a wife who only knows how to spend profligately, to sit and not enjoy the allowance. If a woman knows how to spend money on worthy things, her husband will surely build a career with peace of mind. Although the couple was poor initially, they soon made a career empty-handed.


Thoughts from the heart to the outside are "clean."

This is considered a characteristic of a prosperous woman with a clean mind and heart, not a mouth that talks about apricots and a stomach that is intent on doing bad things. If a married woman likes anger and ignorance and does not fulfil her duty to care for her husband and children, it will only break the marriage.

Nowadays, not only do men cheat, but women also go out a lot. When men marry a faithful woman, in their mind, only the husband can marriage be happy forever. A woman who loves herself, focuses on taking care of her family, has a pure soul, actively limits contact with men other than marriage, a woman knows how to preserve her face for her husband. Will naturally prosper and benefit from death.

Only when the house is stable, and the family is warm will the man feel secure and have more energy to do a good job. Completing the job well, men's careers will naturally flourish.


Independent personality "clean."

After getting married, many women lose the ability to think independently. They became primarily dependent on their husbands, accepting mistletoe. That's why the new marriage was filled with tears. Their husbands despise them and do not receive respect from their husband's families.

The more you rely on it, the more men become depressed and want to go out and have an affair. But independent women think differently; even if they get married, they don't give up their jobs. They know that earning money is hard, but in return, they will be at ease and have the respect of their husbands.

Economic autonomy not only helps women to decide their problems but also helps them keep happy. Many wives are perfect; they are both good at doing housework and caring for their husbands and children but also excellent at work. This type of woman is very prosperous.

In other words, financial independence is the best "back" for women's decisions. Therefore, they are entirely confident in all their decisions. As a result, financially independent women often have a voice and receive respect inside and outside the family.