When a woman has an affair, there are 3 things she will no longer want for you.

When women commit adultery, the privileges they had previously given to their husbands are redirected to their mistresses.



This is the first change of adulterous women. They will shift their attention from their husbands to their mistresses. They also ignore their families, becoming heartless to kiss. They always want to find a way to find a lover. At this point, they were immersed in new love, no longer hoping for family and marriage, and the husband's behaviour no longer seemed to have anything to do with them.

Marriage is often built on love, but there are many cases when a husband and wife live in the same house, and the affection becomes increasingly faded. Between the couple gradually appeared cracks, gaps no one wanted to happen.



Adulterous women will begin to refuse to have sex with their husbands. We all know that a harmonious married life can promote the relationship between husband and wife. At the same time, the more couples love each other, the more they are ready for sex.

But when women have outside lovers, they are tired of everyday life; romantic and passionate things with the person they love are what she is eager for. Most importantly, she will be afraid of the secret that she has a mistress when she is close to her husband.



The next obvious point that adulterous women no longer want for their husbands is patience. When they fall in love with another man, whatever the reason, they will certainly not be satisfied with their lives and their husbands.

No matter how her husband was before, a woman can still endure it, but as soon as she cheats and meets the man she is now, she will never endure it again.

That said, a woman who has had an affair will undoubtedly change her mentality, and these changes will govern her behaviour. So watch if a woman becomes increasingly indifferent to you, impatient and refuses to marry a ball.

At that time, she cheated on you because of someone else or is on the "derailed" path in a cheating marriage. If you notice one of these signs in your wife, you must immediately stop it in time. You don't want your family and happiness to fall apart if you still love her.

Men should be more understanding of women's thoughts, and women should be more concerned with men's thoughts. Appreciate what you both have right now.