Not adultery; these are 7 unforgivable mistakes; if the husband has committed it, the wife will live in pain.

There are mistakes in marriage; once they have happened, the consequences will cause great harm.

Husband is abusive

In married life, it is impossible to avoid arguments and quarrels. And when angry, people will find it difficult to control their words and actions. Even so, a man should never hit his wife under any circumstances. If your husband often uses violence and roughness with his wife, do not forgive easily because a husband who has beaten his wife once will be able to beat his wife many times in the future. So be challenging to ensure you will never have to endure physical pain warmly!

Because a man loves his wife, they will always cherish and cherish the girl next to them and not allow anyone to hurt his wife, let alone cause pain for themselves. Wife.


Not filial to parents

Everyone cares about their parents a lot, and so do husband and wife. Entering into a marriage, any husband or wife who does not want their partner also has a heart and is respectful to their parents. But how to deal with parents on both sides is not an easy thing. If it were that simple, the internal and external affairs of the marriage wouldn't have affected the relationship that much.

If the spouse is not filial and respectful to the parents on both sides, this is considered an irreparable mistake. This mistake can cause a lot of damage to the couple's relationship. It would be best if you remembered getting married is not only about the partner. They also have families of their own. Therefore, if you love them, you should treat the other's parents best. Only then can the relationship between the two sides be solid and sound.

I love gambling and drinking.

Gambling is precisely a social evil. Once one is caught in it, it isn't easy to get out. If any sister is unlucky enough to marry a husband who loves red and black, find a way to pull him out of the "mud". In case he is determined to leave his wife but not to gamble, don't try to hold on anymore because one day he will lose his gambling, even selling his house, wife and children to pay that debt!


Hurting each other's dignity

A common situation is that husband and wife do not respect each other in the house. Maybe when they go out, they don't respect each other. That behaviour certainly makes the wife and husband unable to be satisfied. With marriage, everything should be close to each other, and if there is anything, slowly discuss it.

It's hard to accept things out there, condemning each other, hurting each other's images, and hurting each other's dignity. If you do that, your partner will gradually lose trust. The two will only quarrel more and more, unable to bring a good outcome. The marriage is also broken because it can break up at any time.

I often lie to cover up my mistakes.

It is difficult for her husband to tell all the stories that happen in his life and work. And sometimes, he will use lies to reassure his wife. However, if you see your husband intentionally lying too often to cover up your wrongdoings, please consider carefully whether you should forgive him! Because married life, if you want to be strong, must be based on the principle of mutual trust. The fact that the husband often lies for a long time will make his wife lose trust and make the relationship between you and them deadlocked.


Constantly bringing his wife's past to torment.

What belongs to the past, we should not "dig up" anymore because it quickly hurts the heart. A man who loves his wife will never bring out his wife's old story to torment and torment.

If any woman has had a "black stain" in the past, but her husband repeats it a little bit, threatens and torments, then it's best to find a quick way to free yourself. Because continuing a relationship without trust and forgiveness will tire you out, and your wounds will never heal.

Husband and wife cannot keep their loyalty

In marriage, fidelity between husband and wife is an immutable principle. Once this principle is touched, it is rare for anyone to forgive. Relationships often end in divorce. In life, a couple making such a mistake of loyalty will directly lead to the breakdown of their marriage. The couple can never be the same again.

Everyone must adhere to this "fatal" rule with a marriage. If you forget about it, the end will easily be separated. The relationship between husband and wife is significant. Sometimes you make minor mistakes, but it's okay; the other party can forgive you.

However, some problems arise that no one is tolerant enough to ignore. It is a matter of principle, causing significant damage to both feelings. If it is violated, it isn't easy to make the two sides remain peaceful and happy with each other.