People who cheat sooner or later cannot escape these three endings

This a profound lesson


makes many men and women think and rethink their actions.

What do adulterers get in return?

Before the age of 40, I had a happy family. There is a very gentle wife, always understanding of her husband. But because my wife was too kind, I had an affair. That affair broke my family; I divorced at the age of 40.

I thought I was happy, free to fly, when I got rid of the wife I didn't love. But when I reached 50, I realized the price I had to pay as an adulterer.

1. Lonely old age

When I was sick and ill, the beautiful young mistresses were no longer by my side. They have always liked my money, but no one is as foolish as me to take care of the sick.

By this time, I was craving a family meal. I need a cup of medicine in the middle of the night, and no one is around. I want to be with the person I love when I'm old, but it's too late now. But I cannot buy with money, nor can I find in a mistress. Those are things that only my wife can give, but I threw them away.

We think family is not the most important thing when we are young. Because when you are young, you can meet many people and still have health. When you get old, you will understand, family happiness is more valuable than money and fame.


2. Not being respected and loved by children

Since leaving my mistress, I have not spent much time with my children. I leave the children in the care of my wife. Of course, when I don't care or love, my child is also heartless, ignoring me.

I have never loved my children wholeheartedly, so how can I receive full filial piety in return? Even when I'm old, I don't have the right to blame my children.

3. No soul mates

When they discovered I was an adulterer, my friends no longer wanted to associate with me because they didn't want to be around someone with bad morals, someone who abandoned their own family. My old age not only lacks the warmth of family but also lacks a sincere friend.

4. Not appreciated for dignity

In the young years, there is still strength to do, to win against others. At that time, I thought that no one could look down on me if I needed money and status, even if I had an affair.

But when I'm in trouble, I can't seek help from others. They believe that men who lack family responsibilities are unreliable. Therefore, when I was old, I understood that the measure of a man's dignity is not only money but also family background.

Men will not be judged as successful if they lose their families. When my youth is gone, I can't get back what I've lost, much less can't fix my mistakes. I hope those who still have a family don't do foolish things with their wives and children.