Intelligent people have three things to do with those who hate them and those who hate

Intelligent people are always wise in their behaviour because they don't like complicating things. So they always have wise ways to deal with those who hate them and those they hate.

Always stay calm and calm before negative words.

In life, there is nothing more annoying and exhausting than having haters who are always trying to harm you. They always say negative words with high killing intent to hurt you.

Feeling uncomfortable and angry is normal when someone who hates you hurts you. But don't get angry or provoke them back. You should learn to think more calmly. Because the crazier you are, the happier your haters will be. Just live peacefully; consider those negative words like a passing wind. Don't mess around with people who hate you; it's just a waste of time.


Don't lower your self-worth by comparing yourself to others.

Hating someone is sometimes not because of their bad qualities but simply because they are better than you somehow. But don't let that make you compare yourself to others. Because they are good at this, you will also be good and have a knack for the other. Make an effort to be excellent yourself, not to imitate anyone. Believe in yourself so you are more likely to succeed and be fortunate than to put yourself down just because someone else is better than you.


Self-criticism, self-review

You can repeatedly lie to others, but you can't lie to yourself. Please do not run away from your shortcomings; it is wise to consider, review and gradually improve yourself.

Don't live for others to see; live how you are comfortable and confident. If you want to do something big, you should also define who you are, where you want to start and what you will achieve. If you give up on yourself, life will fail. Let yourself always try and constantly improve yourself.