5 points in women are more attractive to men than beauty

Here are some traits that can help you attract a man.

Facial expressions

Let go of the idea that men can't read women's emotions through facial expressions. They not only notice obvious cues like a smile or a tear but also see the anomaly reflected in cold eyes and a slight disappointment on pursed lips.

Reading emotions through facial expressions allows men to understand what women want even before they know it. This way of nonverbal communication sometimes amuses men because it feels special.


Clothing style

A woman's dress style also speaks volumes about how much she cares about her partner. For example, if you like the other person, you'll go on a date with a gorgeous dress and well-groomed hair. However, if you're not interested in the date, you're usually not going to care about the dress or the makeup.

Therefore, men often pay attention to clothes to understand what you mean on a date. The remarkable thing is that men often feel attracted to girls with a confident appearance and a natural and comfortable demeanour. On the contrary, if you are too timid, this will cause a loss of points in his eyes.

How to text

Very few people dare to express their true feelings in face-to-face conversation. Texting is safer, and men know it too. That's why men try to decipher all the cues they get in text messages and track how often and why when women text them.

According to linguists, it is interesting that women who often use the phrases "I think/I feel" are the type of people who value themselves. If they frequently use the phrase "I bet/Believe me", they lie. So, by noticing how she uses words when texting, men can appreciate the true nature of the women they know.



Men are explorers and always like to conquer. Therefore, when asked what men like about women, they did not hesitate to answer that mysterious girls always arouse curiosity and make them want to get closer.

Instead of trying to bombard him with endless stories, the mysterious woman is usually very restrained in her private life and only opens up to those who matter. When it comes to a certain point in the story, they will know where to stop if they feel the other person is digging deeper. This is sure to drive guys crazy and trying to find answers.

Women are always tricky to understand and require men to be patient and spend much time learning. This is also the natural charm that men cannot refuse.

Smart, Confident

Intelligent women always make men feel interesting and attractive when they come in contact. However, this intelligence is not due to women's deliberate exaggeration but men's self-assessment.

Men are also fascinated with women with high self-esteem. But fake confidence can ruin everything. They don't want to chase a woman who is too confident about herself or pretend to be a confident woman.