3 types of loved ones that need to be cut off; the more involved, the more life-threatening.

Friendship is essential, but avoiding association with rich and poor relatives is best.

People who do not know the measure


Many relatives are not charming, do not know how to keep the right balance, are too curious about your private life, and always want to know who you are dating, who you are in love with, when you will get married, when you will give birth, and your salary. How much, how to work. Other concerns scrutinize. Interested people will know what to think for you, what to ask, and what not to. And people who scrutinize everything ask questions to satisfy their mouths. They don't care about you but want to know to compare or criticize.

Women's life should only keep what is good. The rest send them off gently, don't regret, or stubbornly hold on to a broken relationship.

The rich and the poor


Here, "poor" means wealthy, and "poor" means poor and needy. This sentence means to love the rich and abandon the poor. The ancients wanted to criticize people who value material things and value things outside the body without seeing the good values ​​inside. Rich and poor don't tell a person's personality; it's a frivolous measure.

A drop of peach blood is better than a pond of water. Friendship is important, but it's best to avoid association with the rich and poor type of kin. When you are rich, they will undoubtedly be welcoming and visit often.

When they are poor, they turn their backs on you, ignoring you. The type of person always looking to benefit from you is not worth your attention or preservation. If you insist on keeping a good relationship, it will only make you more heartbroken when you have a terrible time.

Borrower refuses to pay


It is often said to try to borrow money to know people's hearts and pay to understand dignity. The problem of borrowing and paying is sometimes also an art of life because money is the sweat of our efforts; lending it to someone and not paying it back will be very scary, but not giving can sometimes make us lose heart.

It is good that brothers and sisters are ready to help each other when in trouble. But do not be foolish to bring your sincerity and enthusiasm to your loved ones to take advantage of. Money is sweat and tears; the money you lend them is not simply money but also gratitude.

However, when they see you getting rich and earning money, some relatives rush to your doorstep, make friends with you, and borrow money from you. But when the money arrived, these people never mentioned giving it back. In particular, if you have a need and go to their house to ask for money, they will turn your face into a "bereavement".