Men have 4 “weaknesses”; if women can understand and sympathize, they will capture their hearts.

If the wife is aware that her husband also has widespread "weaknesses" in everyday life, sympathizes and is happy with that, then the wife will be loved by her husband to the fullest,

Maybe the husband will not be as perfect as when he was in love

During the love period, partly because we don't live in the same house, the other part wants to show the good things in front of the lover, so many new disadvantages will be revealed when we get married.

However, women should not be disappointed, thinking their husbands cheated on them. After all, no one is perfect; even the person himself has flaws.

So accept the good and the bad in your partner as common sense; it doesn't violate your bottom line or principles. In living, husband and wife will work together to adjust, reconcile and change themselves for a smoother marriage.


Not all husbands are good at explaining.

Many women complain that their husbands are silent when the couple has conflicts. Women now feel that men are not constructive and do not want to solve problems.

But that's not the case; men are often not good at explaining or comforting their wives. They also do not like to argue and argue a lot with women. They mainly aim for the ultimate solution to the problem.

Therefore, it is not that the husband is indifferent, ignoring his wife as you think, but because their personality and way of thinking are different from their wives.

Not every husband knows how to say sweet words.

Everyone loves to hear sweet words, have their husband express their love, and utter the romantic words I love you. But not all husbands are so clever. So women do not blame their husbands for being indifferent to them and no longer loving them. Wisely, look at his actions to assess the husband's love for his family, wife and children.


The husband is also vulnerable.

Many people assume that men need to be generous, not pay too much attention, and be tolerant of women. Moreover, men are strong, so they must show their bravery and strength to the outside.

But women need to understand that men are also vulnerable. Sometimes just a thoughtless statement from the wife makes her husband sad and depressed. It is a normal human emotion that a wife who is observant and cares about her husband's feelings will rarely make mistakes.

Men sometimes fall into depression or deadlock and need encouragement and comfort from their wives. If husband and wife can be together like that, surely the husband will always love his wife.