Life has three do not talk, three do not do, and three do not play: Life is happy or sad because of you.

People's lives are respected or despised all because of you. If you want to be respected, never commit these three things.

Three don't say


Lying means "seeing to say that you do not see, not seeing but saying that you have seen, when you are right, you are wrong. When you are wrong, you are right" To put it simply, those are wrong words. " I once talked about the severe consequences of lying. Another example, there was one plane at first, but it became 11 by other people's ears and eventually turned into 91 planes; these are false rumours; the story of the baby was torn apart, the same as saying a lie.

Words that hurt

Many people speak arbitrarily and think they are straightforward but do not know how to think about the feelings of others, say words that hurt others, or harm people who harm themselves. Words that hurt others may only be temporary, but others have looked down upon their image, and the hurt will never be forgotten.

Words of bragging

Many people like to talk about themselves regardless of whether the listener likes it. There's no benefit to bragging about it; on the contrary, it hurts. If you want to be admired by others, you must do things worthy of that admiration; you cannot admit through bragging; humility is better.


Three don't do it

Do not compare; bring your troubles.

Don't compare yourself with others. There is a saying: "Compared with people, you are angry with yourself". Compare and contrast, what do you get in the end?

If you have to compare, then look at yourself, compare with yesterday, and see your growth, capacity and quality of life is the vital thing to compare to improve continuously.

Do not harm others

Jealousy is like poisoned wine; harming others is also harming yourself. As a human, you must know how to respect and be generous with others.

When you see other people having good things, you should be happy for them; seeing others than themselves and learn more; When others need help, you must dedicate yourself to helping.

If we want our hearts to be generous and generous enough, we must not intend to harm others so that others will feel our sincerity and treat them kindly.

Not greedy to take advantage

When it comes to benefits, some things are very superficial. Everyone can see them. But some things are hidden; thinking it is "blessed" is a disaster, and thinking it is "benefit" is more disadvantageous.

In contrast, a wise person will not take advantage of unrighteous comfort for immediate gain. They understand cause and effect. If they want to enter, they must know how to exit. There is no "gift from God" in the world.


Three don't play

Don't play with unfilial people, careless people.

There is an old saying: "One hundred good people take filial piety first". Because "filial piety" is the root of personality, the "religion" of hundreds of thousands of virtues. If a person doesn't even treat his biological parents well, how can we expect them to be wholehearted to their friends? People who are indifferent, cold-hearted, cold-hearted – such people do not associate!

Please don't play with people who only know how to benefit themselves.

Self-interest makes them not see what others spend but only focus on their gains and losses, putting their interests above all else. Such a person will only know how to take advantage of others, even for the sake of being willing to sell out family and friends. If you associate with this type of person, you will forever be the object of being extracted for more profit.

Don't play with unbelievers.

As a person, one must have dignity and must maintain his personality and credibility. For those willing to change the principles of being human for money and power, even if you make friends, you will always be a stepping stone in their progress.