Ancestor carefully advised: “The more a person comes to these three places, the more his blessings will decrease” Which are the places?

The ancients believed that the more often you go to these three places, the more blessings and fortune you will lose.

The first place: The place of useless entertainment

People should first avoid places of unprofitable entertainment such as bars, theatres and the like. Some people have a habit of drinking after work to relieve stress. Indeed, modern life is becoming more and more stressful and complicated, so taking a break from time to time is inevitable. However, if you pay too much attention to these noisy, crowded places, it will be difficult for your mind to be still and quiet.

Instead, there are plenty of ways to relax your mind without going to useless places of entertainment. For example, you can spend time with family, travel, meditate, and do yoga. These activities make the body healthier and, at the same time, good for mental health.


Second place: Gambling place, red and black

Second, stay away from gambling games. Don't think that that way you can earn a lot of money and become rich. The consequences of gambling are dire, not only losing all the assets but also causing the family's bankruptcy. The old proverb reminds us that it is tough to get out once caught up in gambling.

Therefore, don't be arrogant just because you won a few times. The more you play, the more you find yourself greedy; when you win, you are arrogant; when you lose, you try to borrow money to continue playing, increasing your greed. But in the end, players don't know they have lost everything because of gambling.

If you have money, invest in genuine work, or use the money to pay filial piety to your parents. That's how to get rich and keep your family prosperous forever.


The third place: The green, lustful place

Places such as brothels and green floors have long been considered lustful places. Going here to satisfy one's lustful desires will quickly lose honour, career, and family.

In the future, it will be inevitable to blame and beat the wife, children and society. Therefore, the ancients advised that men should not go to sexual places like this because it would affect themselves and those around them.

As humans, we need to know how to control our unnecessary desires. Stay away from these wrong places to avoid harming yourself and society.