Already a wise person, 3 stories are always indifferent, never open their mouth to tell anyone.

We are just like travellers in a hurry to come and go. There is nothing in the world that we have to hold on to.

Wise people don't waste time living in the past.

An old saying goes: If you cry because the sun has left your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars. We are always headaches about the past and unhappy, which is unpleasant. It will prevent you from knowing how to enjoy the joys of life today.

When you feel tired, learn to let go. Don't stay stuck in the past. Everything in the past is like yesterday, so let it stay in the past. The stories of the future are cultivated by the efforts of today.

Do not keep in your heart the things of the past. It's over; let it go. If you keep guarding your heart, you will only make yourself more burdened.


Wise people do not waste lamentations about the present life

This life is like a trip. We are just like travellers in a hurry to come and go. There is nothing in the world that we have to be obstinate about.

In this life, learn to look at the good things. You will never forget the feeling of excitement when standing in front of that beautiful scenery. The past is forever behind, and the future is still a mystery. Only the present is worthy of our appreciation.

Initially, no success fell from the sky. Behind luck is the process of persistently accumulating small and large. Sometimes, the efforts that you put in are temporarily ineffective. But surely, one day, you will get what you deserve. So try your best, and leave the rest to fate.


Wise people don't waste time in doubt about the future

The past may have been fate. Regrets or delusions are just useless. The future is also unknown. The higher the hope, the greater the disappointment. If things don't go as planned, trust that everything is arranged as it should be.

What comes will have to come; the future is unknown. No one knows what the future holds. Worrying too much about the future only makes you more trouble for yourself. What has to happen, it has to happen; it cannot be otherwise. If it happens, let's accept it and do our best. The mind not surrounded by defilements is the greatest thing in the world.