3 types of ‘unclean’ women; if you meet them, you must give up

The woman is the best feng shui in the family. If a woman falls into the following categories, she should give up early. Meeting and marrying a good woman will make a man's life better and better, and the future of children is also open. On the contrary, an unkind woman will cause the house's fortunes to go down.

The woman who likes to play cards

Some women like to play cards in life. Of course, we can understand playing cards to kill time in our spare time. However, a woman obsessed with playing cards for a long time and spending all day in such a place needs reconsideration. In a gambling environment with many harmful elements, in such an environment for a long time, a woman, no matter how innocent, will be "unclean" and learn to be the wrong person.

Many women have cheated with their friends to play in the casino; even some women lost their money, ran out of money, and had to do "disgusting" things to return the money; such things are not rare.


An unrighteous woman

In real life, most women have more mature and righteous thoughts, treat people with principles, and never have shallow thoughts, let alone do evil things. Once you have a life partner, you will have one heart and one mind, and together you will build a happy family.

Some dishonest women will likely "sell themselves" for money or profit. Such a woman cannot speak of "cleanliness". If you encounter such a woman, quickly let go, or sooner or later, you will be hurt by her.


The woman likes to live loosely and annoy men.

Some women have many friends of the opposite sex, and she has a good relationship with these so-called friends; they often gather together to talk and even have intimate contact in their way. And never consider the boyfriend's feelings.

A woman who likes to "flirt" everywhere, this woman is promiscuous; if you accidentally meet such a woman, don't be fooled by her sweet words; avoid away as soon as possible.

Men hope to find a devoted and kind woman, but not all women will. Some women are playboys all their lives, and they are very indulgent in their relationships.

So in a heterosexual relationship, if you meet these three types of "unclean" women, no matter how beautiful, don't be greedy; if you get married, you will get a hidden danger, very miserable.