3 Harbingers Of A Poor LIFE, Having 1 is enough to face hundreds of hardships

These signs show a person is on the verge of poverty and being needy. In life, nothing happens by accident; everything has a reason. Even a poor and needy person has a foreshadowing. If one has these habits, sooner or later, one will die.

Buy things you can't afford

For example, you go to a restaurant while your monthly expenses are exhausted or rent a luxury apartment you cannot afford to keep up with friends. Swinging your arms too much will hinder your wealth. Whether you're starting to have a good income or just got a raise, don't use that as an excuse to increase your spending.

Learn to control your spending. Being in debt because of your dignity and not knowing how to measure yourself means killing yourself.


Unable to save at least 5% of monthly salary

People usually save at least 10 to 15% of their monthly earnings. But your financial situation is alarming if you can't keep 5% and have debt everywhere. Everyone should have savings. You should aim to have 6 to 9 months of contingency spending. Cut down on your monthly expenses, such as watching movies and eating out, to save more.


No more pennies at the end of the month

People who usually spend all their money think they can't save or can spend less because their luxurious lifestyle has become a habit. From now on, start setting reasonable spending rules. For example, spend only on things essential for 30 days, which are rent, utility bills, and groceries, and cut out everything else: clothes and entertainment;... That's enough.