Smart people will never commit this

Whether you are competent or stupid, watch these things.

Why do quarrels happen?

Knowledgeable people never argue. Because all quarrels stem from communication problems.

Human-to-human communication is a process of editing and decoding information signals. Because the two sides have different stances, circumstances, experiences, cultures, etc., decoding the above information signals is challenging to avoid "misreading".

The result of this "misreading" is that it will lead to misunderstandings, and the processing of subsequent information becomes more and more confusing, making mistakes.

Subconsciously, we often have the mentality of being wary of others underestimating or denying us. No matter who we are, we all expect outsiders to acknowledge us, which also motivates us to be positive and make efforts.

When there is an argument between us, we will attack the other morally to quickly "take down" the other.

And then, the issue is no longer "two sides, which is right, who is wrong" but has upgraded to a "battle of attacking personality" and "battle of protecting personality".

Therefore, when we quarrel to a certain extent, we no longer quarrel to distinguish between right and wrong but to win, to gloat.

In other words, we are led by our own emotions. And so, arguing becomes a process in which we struggle with our emotions. In other words, the real enemy when we quarrel is not our opponent but our emotions.

The emotion lurking in the body is the biggest enemy of every human being. The scariest thing is: Once emotions dominate people, the evil part of their hearts will take advantage of this opportunity to appear.

This is also the source of many agitated behaviours. And a momentary agitation causes a series of lifelong regrets. They wouldn't put themselves in this situation if they were brilliant people.

Therefore, when we are angry or agitated, we should not rush to "counterattack"; restrain ourselves by counting from 1 to 10, then continue to communicate and talk.


Intelligent people will not arbitrarily reveal these secrets

The person you think is incompetent

There will always be incompetent people in any workplace, and chances are everyone knows who they are. If you can't help them improve or fire them, there's no point in talking about their worthlessness. Judging by an incompetent co-worker doesn't make you look any better. Even your comments will cause your colleagues to have negative opinions about you.

Your income

Your parents probably love hearing about how much you make each month. But at work, this only causes problems. There can be no fairness in the distribution of wages, so disclosing your pay gives your co-workers a head-to-head comparison. As soon as people know your salary, everything you do at the company is considered as a contrast to your income.

Therefore, it is always attractive to exchange salaries with each other to satisfy your curiosity. But at the time of the reveal, things will not be as simple as you think.

You hate your job

Complaining about work will make you look like a negative person, not a team member. This lowers team morale. Bosses will quickly find the people who reduce that morale and take appropriate measures.

What do you do in the bedroom?

Whether your bedroom life is exciting or "bleak", this information should not reveal the workplace. Topics like this sometimes bring laughter into the office but shouldn't be used. Crossing this line, you might get a bad reputation.