Husband and wife address in these 5 ways; it proves that the marriage is pleased, and the third person should not dream of interfering.

How the two address each other is significant for a happy married life. There are many different ways to say goodbye, and all have meanings to show whether the marriage is happy.

1. You - me

Not only for couples in love or newlyweds but couples who have been together for a long time; the more they love each other, the more this name shows a lot of feelings inside. When two people call each other like that, they always reserve an important and warm position for the other half. Whether it's a newlywed couple or a couple who has been married for many years, the relationship becomes even more vital.

It represents equality, while humour makes marital life bearable with the pressures of everyday life. Many people are embarrassed to call it that in a crowded place, but true love should be the pride and nothing to hide. On the contrary, when calling your spouse affectionately like that, other people will admire you and your spouse even more.


2. Husband-wife (husband-wife)

Instead of calling each other's names usually, many couples call each other "husband/wife"; this way of addressing shows that the two people are very passionate and entwined with each other. 2 hours, husband and wife, husband - wife are highly sacred. Hence, people only use it to call a single person; at this time, you will also remember your responsibility and love for the other person. Imagine, after a tiring day of work, coming home to hear your husband/wife's 2 hours sweeter than sugarcane; what could be happier? Make sure all the fatigue will disappear immediately!

At the same time, according to many surveys, couples who use this name often have very few conflicts, arguments or divorces.

3. Mom - Dad

Many happy couples often call each other his/her father/mother or can use their child's name to call each other, for example: "Rabbit's father/Rabbit's mother!"... just that simple. Still, it also makes others feel how close and harmonious this family is. Addressing each other like this shows that they always think about family, love each other, and are responsible for their children. Only couples who love, passionately love, use this address.


4. I - brother/sister

This is one of the ways of addressing a happy couple. The way to call me my - calling me brother is filled with the sweetness, peace, and familiarity of two people who love each other. Moreover, it is also likened to a cup of cool water to cool down the temper. Because when two people talk back and forth, get angry at each other, say one thing, "I", two things ",", are both earnest and sweet and show respect for their partner, everyone will "cool down". "but softened right away.

5. Call by the nickname

Only people who are close and love each other will give each other nicknames. That nickname is like the world of two people, only two people have the right to call it that, and it's more emotional and sweeter; even though they've been married for many years, they can still call each other like that. When calling the other half by goodbye, The name proves that the couple's love is exceptionally passionate, always burning like a new love. Only then does life become more poetic, youthful and meaningful.

In a husband and wife relationship, limiting yourself to calling you - me or me - she/I brother is advisable. These ways of addressing are incredibly distant, hurting one's other half. Especially the way "you - me" is highly forbidden and not suitable for the children to follow.