4 “happiness” in a woman’s life, whoever has enough blessings to find themselves, the future will be peaceful and full

Old grandparents have told me a woman's life has 4 'pleasures', and whoever has enough good fortune will be safe and complete. What is that?

Always have money in your pocket.

Women who have no money are extremely humiliated; whatever they do, they have to pay attention to the eyes of the man next to them. So women remember that the happiest thing is not getting a rich husband, but being rich yourself, earning money to do the things you like.


I got a job to make a living

Women who want to survive should be strong cacti, not weak dandelions, blown by the wind. Even if your husband is rich or says he will care for you, don't believe it. In modern times, women should try to do their best to be confident all the time.

Have good health

You are the one who will accomplish all the things you desire. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your health correctly and regularly to be healthy to work and enjoy life.

Health is the most essential thing in this world. When young women do not think beauty or health will not abandon them. Inherently a wise woman is when she knows how to value her health. This body was given to you by your parents, so cherish it. If so, new fortune will come to you more and more.


When parents in difficulty are eligible to help

The merit of raising parents is like the sky and the sea; it is impossible to measure and count. So as a woman, you must try to earn money so that when your parents are old and weak, you can help them. Only those who take Hieu as the root can live peacefully and accumulate virtue for their children and grandchildren in the future. With money, women can care for their children, themselves and their loved ones.