5 things that contain more and more “invitations” to harm themselves: The 4th thing that causes the most people to lose

An ancient saying: "People die for money, birds die for bait"; some people will lose their lives because of lust.

Lust: The more, the merrier

The ancients have a saying: "People die for money, birds die for bait"; some people will die because of lust that leads to their lives. The ancients believed that a person's blessings were already arranged in virtue. And their karma accumulates in samsara from one life to the next. People with more and more desires until they can't be satisfied are miserable and even controlled by lust.


Speaking The more troublesome

Saying a lot is all wrong; a person who talks sooner or later will reveal his shortcomings and does not have enough prestige to win over others. Talking carefully is a blessing; talking a lot is hasty and impatient; he likes to boast about himself and is not steady and cautious.

Fear: The more, the more opportunities are lost

Everyone is selfish, so they always think about gain and loss. There are countless fears such as fear of hunger, fear of old age, fear of disease...

But in the end, the cause that makes people prone to fear is selfishness and greed. When you can't have it, you worry about how to get it; when you have it, you're afraid of losing it. There is no way to live in peace.



Competing: The more, the more you lose.

In this life, even if a person competes for something, he cannot have peace because of it. If you win for profit, you will lose your honesty; if you win your reputation, you will lose your heart.

Competing for other people's things makes the mind restless and not at ease. Competitive people are the type of person who is not grateful, the type of person who ends up losing the most.

Suspicious: The more, the better the trick

Sensitive people, when they think they are smart, like to speculate on the thoughts of others and will do more stupid things. Seeing too clearly will damage the eyes; overthinking will tire the mind. Suspicion will eventually lose itself.