3 types of money must be spent, the more you spend, the more you earn

The ancients have taught there are three kinds of money in life that must be spent; the more you spend, the more money you should not be foolish to save.

The first type of money: Invest in yourself, grow up on your own

Education is a long-term investment and, indeed, a profitable investment that everyone must spend. That investment is an investment in yourself so that no matter where you go, you won't fall into poverty.

Many say that even though they are still not complete after eating three meals, they don't count on studying, but learning is not necessarily effective. But in fact, only the "head" can help people get out of poverty. If the brain is also poor, it will be difficult for a lifetime to be rich.

If he only sees the immediate benefits and is refused to study, it will be difficult for him to find the opportunity to change his life. So money spent on learning is money that must be spent. Invest in your studies; you will find a way out, paying off your debt and earning a lot more.


The second type: Filial money, must be spent

Filial piety is the money each person needs to spend to provide for and give to their parents. This is money that cannot be ignored.

There may be people who think that when they are not rich, their spending is not enough, or they are still in debt; there is no money to give their parents regularly; Some people may also say that their family is well-off, their parents already have enough money to spend, no need to give more…!

But parents have never, because of lack of money, did not raise their friends to become people and grow up. No matter how poor they are, they do their best to raise their children to adulthood.

So no matter what stage or how difficult it is, you must remember that money being respectful to your parents is impossible to save. If you lack material things and can't make up for your parents with money, remember that you must fulfil your filial piety with your heart, affection, and care.


The third type: The returned money must be spent

The return here includes charity money, social return money, and repaying those around you who have helped you. In the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", author Robert Kiyosaki writes that rich dads sincerely believed that money must first be spent to expect a return.

No matter how rich or poor a person is, people worldwide are more unhappy than us. So always keep a loving heart, and remember that the return money is the kind of money you don't save.

And if you have a hard time, and can't use the money to give, use a grateful heart for life and people. A grateful heart will help us do things well and live positively, which is also a respectful form of return!