If a woman has all these three characteristics, her marriage is not happy

This type of woman appears to be very calm on the outside but unrelentingly sad on the inside, not wanting to think about positive things.

Irritability, not patient enough

It is said that marriage can change people, and this is true. A woman who is always grumpy after marriage is the most direct reflection of her unhappiness.

There is a saying that goes like this: Women are water. I will instantly turn to ice if you meet me at 0 degrees. If you love me at 100 degrees, I will immediately boil. If you treat me at 50 degrees, I will become resentful."

Women who are increasingly irritable when married often feel that there is no hope in men. They struggled to escape but could not get out of the current situation. In the end, their temperament deteriorated because of dissatisfaction with everything. A marriage dramatically affects a person's psychology, thoughts, and lifestyle.

After marriage, if a woman is pleased, her smile and eyes are all there. But if the person has no patience, constantly nagging, it shows they have a problem.


Women are becoming more and more indifferent.

Everyone relies on motivation to get ahead in life. But a woman who is unhappy in her marriage, unable to see the other person change or bring positive things, will gradually become indifferent.

They do not care about marriage, are not interested in a happy life, and do not feel that there is anything that makes them need to cultivate anymore; they will fall into that situation.

Many women at first marriage are pleased and act decisively. But they became indifferent when they found out their husband had an affair. Their marriage doesn't matter anymore, and they can do nothing to get them back.

This type of woman appears very calm on the outside, but on the inside, she is unrelentingly sad, not wanting to think about positive things.


Women become more selfish.

Selfishness is inherent in human nature. Everyone has selfishness, but the form is different—people who harm others for their benefit. Some people protect their interests, do not violate morality, and are selfish as a legitimate way of self-protection.

Women who don't live well in marriage will go from being compatible to indifferent, not wanting to care anymore and finally being selfish. Going from disappointment to despair, they try to keep themselves from getting hurt.

In a marriage, no one can predict whether it will be happy. But above all, both of them need to build a good home. Hopefully, all women will keep their enthusiasm for marriage.