Women with these actions will not love you; Observant men should understand

Still, if a woman has one of the following three conduct, she's only in a sportful relationship.

Ask for plutocrats and ask for gifts.

Women in love always come to ask for plutocrats and giftsmen must review. They've clear pretensions and are tone-centered. They're veritably good at computations and also veritably exploitative.


Once two people go back and forth, they will use a variety of opportunities and skills to request gifts, even asking for money directly, mainly since they can flatter men very well. The difference between girls who love "digging" is that they are too comfortable, comfortable, and ready to do what their boyfriend asks.

This makes men like and willing to spend money for them. At that time, you simply thought that love should not be calculated, even about money, without knowing you are being manipulated. True love will be willing to spend money. But this type of woman only satisfies her desires.


Only care about your own needs.

In this woman's eyes, men are only seen as tools for self-satisfaction. When needed, she will call you, but when not needed, she will avoid and find enough reasons to refuse you.

This type of woman does not love you; whatever she does, she only thinks about herself. And being with you is because she can still take advantage of you; when she finds another man better than her, she will be ready to "kick" you.


Not ready for a long-term relationship

When two people are in love, but she always makes excuses that she is not ready for a long-term relationship, it means she is just in love with you. In her heart, there is comparison, hesitation, or not wanting to hold hands for the rest of her life. So men, don't be foolish to wait. You're not the one she wants to be with until she gets old.