4 Things That Men Like In Women But Rarely Say It

Do you know, there are things men like about women but are afraid to say them? Men are not like women; they rarely share their inner thoughts. They rarely share even the secret things they like their girls to do.

Likes to be 'touched.....'

When 'in love,' women see that men want to be touched, but sometimes men want to be actively touched by a woman so that both can feel the burning love. Just a handshake or an unexpected hug also makes him feel excited.


Likes to be complimented by women

Women love to listen to sweet words, and so do men. Every husband wants to be complimented, especially when he likes to receive appreciation from his wife. Men love hearing compliments from their women. Because then they have a feeling that they are capable and capable of protecting and protecting women. A deft woman must not skimp on her compliments for her husband. Positively compliment him every day so that he feels your appreciation for them.


I love to eat the dishes cooked by women.

In love, men always want to enjoy their wives' delicious dishes and watch the woman passionately cook in the kitchen. Every time that makes men feel happier and more responsible. Women do not need to be good at cooking, but they must be the ones to take care of the kitchen. Keeping the kitchen burning when it is on fire, your marriage love will also be as strong.


I love being massaged by women.

After a tiring and stressful day of work, coming home to be massaged by his wife, a relaxing massage, no man doesn't like it, can't be fascinated. It is also a rare private moment and a beautiful moment of the day for many couples. After being relaxed and "stimulating all the senses," the husband not only adds love and gratitude to his wife but also "gets excited" to crave his wife extremely.

This massage technique is the perfect start to help couples have moments of relaxation and inspiration for sex. Ensure the couple will have a passionate, burning "love" right after that.