As a wise person living in the world, don’t open your mouth to brag about the following four things

Fools love to show off everything about themselves. While wise people often keep these four things private, they are not foolish to brag to others.

Success in career

Many people love to brag about their work, even willing to show their payroll. They do it to get praise from others. But in many companies, it's against the law to disclose your salary to others. Don't talk about taking pictures of your payroll to show off to others.

This quickly leads to comparison and jealousy among members of the company. Also, many people will envy you if you show off your high salary. If your salary is low, people will mock you. The best is how much money you earn, high or low salary, whether your boss favors you or not, you should keep it private, do not reveal it to anyone.


Your savings

Showing off your savings will lead to problems like borrowing money, selling, jealousy, and even losing a relationship. After all, money can divide people into different classes, and people of different castes can hardly get together.

Money makes people confident but also gets them into a lot of trouble. So when you have how much money, it's best not to reveal it to others.


When you get help

When you meet a nice person, please take a photo and keep it as a souvenir. This is the source of positive energy that everyone wants. But someone wants to help you but not openly, so you should keep this relationship private to avoid jealousy from others.

For example, if your boss cares about you and favors you more, you'd better not make it public; you shouldn't tell anyone. Otherwise, your colleagues will envy you and compare you to them. Therefore, between relationships, you need to behave delicately to avoid offending anyone.


When your parents pamper you

Parents love and pamper you but are unlikely to love and pamper other siblings. Indeed, even though they are all born children, parents will not treat their children differently.

Because according to each situation, parents have different ways of treating their children. Although, as a father and mother, everyone loves and wishes the best for their children. No matter how rational parents are, they cannot be fair. So when your parents spoil you, you should not say it.