5 types of infidelity today: The second type has up to 99% of men admit to having been involved

The six most common types of infidelity today: The second type has up to 99% of men admit to having been involved. Adultery kills your love and marriage, makes your family break up, and your children are the ones who bear the heaviest hurt.

The kind of adultery with the reputation of celibacy

Psychologists believe this is a hazardous type of infidelity; they develop true feelings and tend to stick with their partners. But when there's anything, they don't confide in their spouse but find someone they can share, sympathize with, and understand.

Although this relationship does not need to be public, they still return to their partner, which is hazardous for their marriage. Because at some point, they will turn to this person instead of their partner in the most urgent times, which is not good. Gradually, your marriage will also quickly be broken and broken.

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The type of adultery when given the opportunity

According to psychologists, most men have an adulterous mentality when given the opportunity. This type usually occurs when a person loves their partner but cannot suppress his desire for another person. Often this type of fraud is due to favourable circumstances or opportunities.

Not every act of infidelity is pre-planned and results from dissatisfaction with the current relationship. Maybe they're drinking or are in some way thrown at an opportunity they didn't anticipate.

Thought adultery

On the outside, they still keep their marriage wraps, but they fantasize about other people in their hearts. This infidelity will be painful for everyone involved and rarely translates into a committed, long-term relationship.

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The kind of greedy adultery that doesn't want to reduce

This type of infidelity occurs when a person experiences sincere love and sexual desire with many people simultaneously. Despite our unique notion of having only one true love, some people can still love many people simultaneously.

The type of adultery in the style of a "fast train."

One-night stands or relationships that last only a few weeks, often involving ferment, happen to strangers. In a place far from home and not easily detected, there was a consensus on both sides that this would be just a "mission" for a limited time.

However, they did not leave their "other half". They find marriage too quiet to leave but too boring to maintain. So in this type of marriage, if allowed to express themselves, they will fill the unmet need with another person and try to keep it a secret to maintain the marriage. They will justify their betrayal and become masters of lies.