Drinking Juice The Wrong Way And 5 Health Risks That Everyone Should Know

We have always known the many uses juice can bring to health. However, we do not just use juice arbitrarily, in the wrong way, because it can cause particular harm to health.

1. Affects the stomach and intestines

Drinking juice early in the morning or on an empty stomach can harm the stomach because of the acid content in the juice. In addition, you should not use juice with milk because it can cause abdominal pain or stomach pain for people with a weak stomachs and reduce the efficiency of nutrient absorption by the body.

The main reason is a combination of protein and tartaric acid in the juice. In addition, you should also not use the juice to take some medications, which can reduce enzyme levels in the small intestine, increasing the risk of drug absorption into the blood and creating unwanted side effects.

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2. Digestive disorders

An unusual but widely used habit is to make juice and store it in large quantities in the refrigerator so that it can be used gradually without wasting time squeezing. However, experts recommend that this method of drinking should not be applied because it can cause adverse effects on the body. When stored for a long time in the refrigerator, the nutrients in the juice may change or reduce the nutritional effect of the body, causing digestive disorders such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and bloating—a little bit. When left in the refrigerator for a few hours, other juices, like orange juice, tend to lose their flavor and become bitter.

3. Increase the amount of Fructose in the body

Many people habitually use bottled juice instead of juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. According to research, bottled juices contain high levels of Fructose sugar, and using too much for a long time can cause sugar levels in the body to increase rapidly and put pressure on metabolism in the liver. When the liver receives too much sugar or does not metabolize it in time, the excess sugar will be converted into fat, increasing the risk of insulin resistance diseases.

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4. The amount of acid in the digestive system increases

Usually, bottled juices will have a higher acid content than regular juice due to preservatives. Excessive use, combined with a large amount of sugar, will create favorable conditions for intestinal bacteria to arise, causing adverse health effects such as harming the intestinal tract, affecting tooth enamel, and making the condition worse. Tooth decay occurs.

In addition, when squeezing fruit juice, many people habitually remove the peel. However, there are many types of fruits and vegetables whose skins also contain higher levels of fiber, which is good for the body.

5. Increased risk of certain diseases

These harmful effects often occur when using too much juice. For example, increasing sugar levels make the body more susceptible to weight gain, obesity or diabetes, and heart disease. In addition, a large amount of fiber, when given continuously through juice for a long time, can cause intestinal imbalance, leading to digestive disorders.

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What is the right way to drink juice?

- Drink juice after breakfast: According to experts, drinking juice can bring the best health benefits of drinking it from 20 to 30 minutes ago. Because, at this time, the enzymes in the body will have the best speed of action and metabolism. Therefore, the use of juice will help you absorb nutrients more effectively.

Drink immediately after juicing: For any fruit or vegetable juice, you should drink it within 2 hours of juicing. This not only helps to preserve the delicious taste of the juice but also ensures that the nutrients contained in the juice are not altered or lost.

- Limit adding sugar to the juice: The juice already contains a relatively high sugar content, so you don't need to add much sugar. In case of need, you can add enough sugar or drink pure juice to be best for the body.

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- Do not heat the juice: Reheating juice causes the amount of vitamin C in them to be lost or changes some substances in the juice. Thereby causing unwanted side effects to the body.

- Do not drink too much juice: Using too much juice daily, especially canned juices, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

- Use clean fruits: When making juice, you should use fresh, clean, and apparent fruits and vegetables. This approach helps not only to ensure the taste of the drink but also to ensure food safety for users.

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- Other notes:

+ If you can choose home-grown fruits and vegetables to make juice, that's great instead of bottled fruit juices.

Do not drink juice when hungry.

+ Do not use juice with milk and drugs.