Not adultery, these are the 3 types of men who make women suffer for the rest of their lives

Men who commit adultery make their wives suffer for a while. But the man with this trait makes the sisters suffer throughout their lives, with tears in their eyes.

Indifference when his wife is sick, sick

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When his wife is sick, many men often have the habit of hanging out with friends. However, after getting married, a responsible man will reduce the time he spends going out with friends to go home with his wife and children, especially when his wife is sick or ill. However, not every man has enough responsibility and love to care for his wife when she needs it.

These people treat their women as tools for the family, only to give birth and do housework, and have no affection or concern for them. Men like this will be indifferent when their wife is sick, even casually asking about her condition and still asking her to cook. These actions make women feel abandoned and miserable to the point of despair.

Irresponsible in raising children

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Raising children is a shared responsibility of both husband and wife. However, when their children are spoiled and unruly, many irresponsible men put all the responsibility on their wives with the sentence, "The mother spoils the child." This action of her husband not only makes family life tired and downhill and becomes a bad example for the children.

He is a good, responsible man and always thinks about his wife and children. He understands that children are the family's most valuable asset and never puts the entire burden on his wife's shoulders.

Too detailed, stingy

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Saving is a good virtue, but a man who is too meticulous and stingy will only make his wife and children miserable. Many husbands always control all expenses of their wives; every penny also has to ask and criticized if they are not satisfied. He never even gave his wife a present, even on her birthday.

However, not all women can not accept a husband who is too stingy. Knowing how to deal with and gradually change his personality is essential.

But can women be happy if they still cling to their husbands like that? When he puts money above all else and doesn't value your values ​​and opinions. With a man who loves money more than you, one day, he will betray you and sell you out for his gain.