4 things wise women will never post on social networks, but shallow women still do every day

Remember that social networks are the face, helping people understand more about you. Intelligent women will never reveal the following four things on social networks.

Private love

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So many people are out there, each with their own life, and don't have time to care about your mood. And people who care about you don't need to follow you through Facebook. But growing up is a process anyway; realizing these things is also a process.

Never post on social media whether you are in love, married or single. Whether happy or sad, it's best to "eat" yourself or share with trusted people instead of complaining and badmouthing the other person to the public.

The quieter the love, the stronger and happier it will be. You can only say three words if you want to solve a conflict or dispute. It is highly pointless to report to the people of the world. Remember, men, say little but oppose women who do not know how to keep private things. The more words you say, the more you will make the other person look down on you.

Nasty photos of yourself or others

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Intelligent women will never post bad pictures of themselves or those around them on social networks. Otherwise, others will have a grudge against you and judge you as ungrateful, ignorant, or disrespectful to other people's private lives.

Inappropriate jokes

The most precious thing in women is elegance. So, don't let a moment of temporary humor affect your dignity. Remember, a funny joke may make some people laugh, but if it offends the dignity of others, it is ridiculous.

Complaining at work

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No matter how talented a woman is, she cannot avoid work difficulties, such as pressure and disagreements with colleagues/superiors. Don't get too angry at such times, rush to curse, and insult the company on social networks. Otherwise, you will "destroy" your path of advancement.