Very tired! That everything tries one way, they do not think like us

It is said that love alone is useless; of course, to start trying to take care of what we try to please them alone is meaningless, and it is exhausting, sometimes feeling inferior. Also.

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In the past, we were the only ones who tried to take care of them, we were the only ones who tried to please them, and we were the only ones who were afraid of losing, afraid of breaking up, but for them, it was expected, sometimes they gestured and acted like strangers. Act like everyone else, then ask what is meant by an effort.

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The short answer is that we love to respect one-sided values, but they do not think like us; if they know this, what to do? Walking out, walking your way, is the best.

Sometimes I'm not tired, but I'm tired; I'm not going to stop loving, but I do not know my position here, my status in your heart, and this departure. Knowing that it still makes you more bored, do not want to bother you anymore, walk away and do not let you catch up.