Three types of women will have unhappiness in marriage

Here are three types of women prone to unhappiness in their marriage even though they have done nothing wrong.

1. Lose yourself in marriage, become the shadow of your husband


When a wife pays too much attention to her husband, considering him and her husband's family as the whole world, she will surely lose herself.

Her hobbies, joys and habits will also follow her husband. If the husband is happy, the wife is happy; if the husband is heartless, she can't sleep all night.

A woman who loses herself in marriage will no longer have friends, not be interested in her hobbies, interests and passions, but devote all she has to her husband. Gradually, the wife became "pale" and made her husband look down on her.

2. Sacrificing for her husband and children and her husband's family without receiving anything in return


Women often think that when they have merit, their husbands do not. But in fact, many wives still end up being betrayed by their husbands and children despite giving everything to their husbands.

Dumping everything you have in the hope that it will pay off later is like gambling. Why not take a more leisurely route? Is it husband and wife trying together, giving and receiving in return, treating each other kindly daily? So that even after a marriage accident, the wives are still confident and independent, can smile and walk away, leaving a traitor behind.

3. Too soft, falling in love with an evil man


Before the event of her husband's adultery, some people choose to forgive and move on. But one thing is for sure, forgiveness can only be given when the other party sincerely repents, corrects mistakes and never repeats them.

However, many wives are too soft and submissive, but when their husbands have an affair, they still want to "soften and tie" them back to their families. When you choose that path, be prepared mentally that the road ahead will be full of suffering and unhappiness. Unaware of his mistake and lacking sincere repentance, the person will follow the same path again.