Adulterous women open their mouths and like to say ‘three things’; observant men will immediately recognize it.

When a woman no longer values ​​marriage and family, she often says very unintentionally.

1. "I'm not interested, don't touch me anymore."

Men love their wives; everyone wants to be close to their wives. Women love their husbands too; they want to be close to their husbands so that the feelings of both sides can resonate. But don't try to touch her when a woman has an affair and is bored with her husband. You are ugly and boring in her eyes, and she will never let you touch her. The relationship between the two will not be as harmonious as before.

Once a woman has an affair, she will get bored with you and won't let you near her again. In her eyes, at this moment, you are a person full of problems; seeing you, she will be disgusted, and the relationship will become cold and alienated. So she'll get in the habit of saying, "I'm uncomfortable seeing you don't touch me anymore." She gets tired of being around you, so she's always irritable, challenging, and doesn't want to talk. Right now, for her, only love is the most important thing. Not happy to see you, always scolding, blaming you, blaming you for not making her happy.


2. "Why can't you be as good as someone's husband? I regret marrying you."

If a woman has committed adultery and betrayed her husband and children, she will find you boring. She will compare you with someone else's husband and think you are inferior, not equal to Mr A or Mr B. She often talks about other people's husbands and wonders why you are not as good as him.

I don't think she's just temporarily angry. Maybe she is trying to find a way to make you uncomfortable and angry so that you both conflict and use that as an excuse to go out and find something new. The woman has committed adultery, and the signs are apparent.


3. "From now, Stop caring about me anymore."

When the husband and wife are still in harmony, you care about each other and tell each other everything. After a middle-aged woman has an affair, she will draw clear lines with you. In life, she won't let you control her, no matter how much you care.

Your sacrifice for her is meaningless. So, she often says: "You don't have to worry about the future; let's live our own lives." Women cheat for many reasons. But if she utters these words, she doesn't love you anymore.