3 Things A Foolish Girl Likes To Brag

Only a foolish woman likes to show off, and a wise and intelligent woman will always be humble and full of self-respect.

1. Do you have to show off your body a lot to be beautiful and temperamental?

A wise and self-respecting woman will never show her skin in a vulgar, revealing way. The way of dressing will show first the worldview, then the temperament and prestige of a woman in the eyes of others.

Women who dress too revealingly and arbitrarily will make others look unfriendly right from the first meeting. They will beat a woman who likes to show off her body arbitrarily as a flirt, not knowing how to value herself. Women who know how to eat well, are polite and elegant, still respect their figure, and are excellent and respectable.

Not only that, but the way of dressing also silently attracts women's good and bad energies. It doesn't mean that if you dress correctly, you won't encounter bad people. But dressing too offensively will surely attract the attention of those who harbour evil desires.


2. Genuinely admirable People are those who have both money, reach, and modesty

Grandparents often have a saying, "Empty barrels make loud noises". Wealthy people will never have to show off, but that wealth will show through their temperament, behaviour, and work. A person who tries to show off that he is rich will never have a luxurious and noble temperament and will never receive respect and admiration. Instead, he will be shaken by his head, not showing respect. Life.

Especially if you like to show off a lot of money, be careful that it will be good bait for thieves. So you are bringing disaster to yourself!


3. I like to show off my beautiful husband and a good husband

Women's life getting a good husband is a blessing and merit for many generations. However, whatever you brag about, it's easier to lose. Have you heard the saying "1 square meter, ten thieves yet"? Anything can happen in this life.

Your husband is beautiful and good; you know that your close friends know that your family knows enough. There's no need for "backdrops" to do anything, then when someone gets greedy and steals it, they realize they're stupid.